Looking after your system

Maintenance essentials for a greywater system

Servicing and repairing any piece of equipment makes you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the design, and we know the benefits of both proper installation and regular servicing.

Use an experienced greywater designer

We recommend always using a specialist company such as WaterCraft with many years of experience in greywater installations to design and install your system

Use an authorised installer

Both the dripline and layout used for greywater irrigation are different to that for mains water. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations carefully, since things like length of dripline will be specific to the type of pump used. The type of layout used for a mains water scheme will not work reliably. Using an authorised installer will extend the warranty.

Carry out regular maintenance

Once installed, a system must be regularly maintained:

  • Greywater contains lint, soap and anything else that you wash down the plughole. This will clog pumps and filters over time if not removed
  • Whilst sub-surface dripline is fantastic at getting the irrigation water right to where it's needed in the root zone and in not wasting a drop, dirt can clog the pipe or drippers over time and needs to be flushed out

Both the device itself and associated sub-surface driplines require annual maintenance, including cleaning and replacing of filters, removal of sludge from the surge tank, periodic inspection of valves, the flushing of sludge, soap etc. from the network of dripline, checking the lines are not clogged or punctured,  and that the soil remains in good condition and isn't waterlogged. WaterCraft can help you by planning or carrying out this maintenance programme.

The advantage of self-cleaning systems

The filter screen on the inlet of the Diversion Device is very important as it removes a variety of materials (lint, hair etc) that will clog the pump or pipes over time. An automatic cleaning system will extend the inspection time for these filters out to 12 months.

WaterCraft are approved installers and service agents for Advanced Wastewater Systems (AWWS), who have been designing greywater systems for over 10 years.Both the Greyflow PS and Pro models designed for Whole-of-House use are unique in having a self-cleaning or 'Auto Backflush' mode.

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