Which tank would be best?

We'll try and guide you through the choices you have and decisions you need to make using the information below. We supply all sizes and shapes of water tank, and know from experience that many people need a bit of help in deciding what would work best in their home.

What choices do I have? How much rainwater can I save? And what would be the best size of tank to save the most money for the least cost?

We’re here to help at any point along the way, whether it’s all new to you or you just need a little detailed design help. Either call us on 0419 040742 or email through our contact page. We can talk you through some ideas on the phone or come and visit you as you want.

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1.  Shapes, styles and materials

All about your tank options

2.  What size of tank do I need?

Choosing the right size of tank for your needs

3.  How much water can I save?

Could I collect enough water to fill the tank?

4.  Getting the best value from your tank

How to maximise use of your tank water

5.  How much will it cost?

Typical costs

6.  Do I need permission?

Building, Planning and Plumbing Regulations

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