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WaterCraft is an independent specialist with over 13 years of experience in domestic water conservation and over 2000 tanks (over 3 million litres) installed across Perth.

Gareth designs and install complete solutions for both rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling, each one tailor-made to your specific circumstances. I encourage my customers to think 'outside the box' about how much mains water can be saved by re-using the maximum amount of our precious water around their home.

It's an uncommon trade learned on the job, and I get a lot of satisfaction from continuously learning and honing my skills to produce the best possible outcome. My focus is not on the clock but on taking pride in my work and becoming even better at my craft. Over the years I've also gained a reputation for excellent service and meticulous workmanship.

  • I install all shapes and sizes of tank into existing homes to save the maximum amount of water, and encourage owners to feed specific utilities through winter such as toilets and laundry, or their hot water system
  • I work with owners, architects and builders to design and implement complete water saving package in a new home
  • I repair and clean tanks and greywater systems

Everything you need

WaterCraft can provide a complete solution for your needs.

  • I'm not a manufacturer, so am able to recommend the most appropriate products on the market for your particular needs drawing from a wide range of quality suppliers. For example, a water tank that's thinner or lower, or a filter that I know is more effective.
  • I can model the efficiency of different options and identify the best location whether you're designing a new home or simply improving what's already there
  • A huge range of tanks and greywater systems can be supplied and installed
  • My service doesn't stop at selling a tank or a pump. I'll handle the whole installation, including arranging any plumbing or electrical work needed

All aspects of your job are equally important. That means not just supplying something at a competitive price or hooking up a tank, but the design of the system, the selected components, the quality of the components and of the installation including documentation and after-sales support.

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Service vehicle at a whole-of-house installation near Ellenbrook
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