We are approved installers and service agents for Advanced Waste Water Systems (AWWS), a Perth-based manufacturer with an international reputation.

We supply and install pumped Greywater Diversion Devices in two sizes:

1.   Single fixture use (e.g. a laundry), generally mounted on a wall or on the ground with a 50mm inlet

2.   Whole-of-House and installed underground with a 100mm pipe feeding water from all showers, bath and laundry.

We also design, install and maintain the associated greywater irrigation system

For most homes, an automatic Greywater Diversion Device or GDD is most appropriate. It’s relatively simple, low cost and works well where properly installed and maintained. Note that no systems store untreated greywater – it’s immediately used to irrigate the garden.

1.  Smaller System - G-Flow

The G-Flow is designed to take greywater from a washing machine either via a waste pipe coming out through the wall behind the laundry trough or from the drain hose of the machine. The G-Flow comprises:

1.  A small surge tank, normally wall-mounted, 610 L x 280 W x 320 H mm

2.  A valve and overflow to divert the greywater back into the sewer if not required on the garden

3.  A pull-out basket with vertical filters that are easy to clean

4.  A small and robust pump to push water into the sub-surface dripline irrigation

As water is drained from the washing machine or trough it flows through the filters in the G-Flow and the level rises in the tank. A float switch on the pump turns on when the tank contains around 25 litres and the pump runs until the water stops flowing into the unit. The G-Flow is Simple, straightforward and low cost

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G-Flow brochure

The G-Flow in operation. Water pours in from the waste pipe through the filter pads and the level rises in the tank.           The pump is turned on by the rising water level triggering the float switch and will continue until the water level falls        and the tank empties

2.  Larger System suitable for greywater from whole house - Grey Flow

The Grey Flow units are larger sized systems designed to take greywater from all greywater sources within a house - showers, bath, basins and laundry. Normally these pipes come out under the floor slab, so the Grey Flow is fitted underground.. The system comprises:

1.  A 100mm diameter inlet, as opposed to the 50mm of the G-Flow

2.  A larger surge tank - size depends on the model

2.  An overflow to divert the greywater back into the sewer if not required on the garden

3.  Horizontal filters that can be cleaned automatically - making for much reduced maintenance

4.  A variety of pump sizes depending on the size of the garden and whether the site is sloping

As water flows down the shower drain, or from the washing machine, on its way to the sewer it enters the GreyFlow and falls through the filters into the tank. As the level rises a float switch on the pump turns on after a short delay to continually pump water out into the dripline irrigation until the water stops flowing into the unit.

There are 3 different options in the range. All share the same design but vary in size :

1.  The "Plug and Play" unit where everything is fitted inside a rectangular enclosure with a lid that simply needs to be fitted into the greywater pipe and connected to power. Can also be mounted above-ground, for example for a house on stumps

2.  The "PS" compact underground unit where everything fits inside a 600mm diameter hole. The unit has a separate, wall-mounted controller. We recommend the self-cleaning option, but the PS is also available with manual filter cleaning

3.  The Grey Flow "Pro" has a much larger capacity but is still only 600mm diameter. The pump therefore comes on less often, and it's more suited to larger garden areas. Again self-cleaning but with a manual option. Controller is inside the unit.

Brochures for the different options are available in the box to the right.

The Grey Flow is suitable for larger greywater flows, easy to maintain and good value

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Greyflow 'Plug'n'Play brochure

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Greyflow PS brochure

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Greyflow Pro brochure

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