Round tank options available

To provide the best solution for your specific needs I supply and install round tanks manufactured here in WA by a wide variety of local companies. 

All of my standard round tanks are listed below, from small to 14,000L. Larger tanks are also available but I don't generally install those due to their size. Contact me for details of the full range available and install options.

As a guide,'Usage' shows the typical use for a tank of this size. D = Drinking water, W = Watering with can or hose, T = Toilets & laundry, H = Whole house . Guide prices shown are for the tank delivered to site, but exclude installation.

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Size Diameter x Height to apex (mm)



(Code RC320)

D     585 Dia x 1260 H mm. Inlet ht 1260
Small narrow tank ideal for a small space.

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $512

(Code RC550)

D W     600 Dia x 2000 H mm. Inlet ht 2000
Tall and slender tank ideal for a small space or narrow setback.

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $589

(Code RC720)

D W     800 Dia x1600 H mm. Inlet ht 1600
Neat and compact tank ideal for a small corner. Will fill very quickly!

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $671
250L to 1000L

(Code RH)

D W     930 Dia x 1740 H mm
Small smooth walled tanks in 250L, 400L, 440L, 550L and 1000L sizes ideal for header tanks or small domestic use.

Fittings 3 colours Guide price: $500 - $1000

(Code RC1200)

D W     1070 Dia x 1530 H mm. Inlet ht 1530
Reasonable volume tank with small footprint in a traditional corrugated minirib design.

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $803
600L to 3000L

(Code RG-S)

D W T From 965 Dia x 1630, 1950 or 2400 H mm
Round tanks can be made of Aquaplate steel to any size to fit your exact space. Must sit on concrete or other solid base.

Fittings 5 colours Not currently available

(Code RC1500)

D W     1400 L x 800 W x 1860 H mm. Inlet ht 1860
The curves of this oval tank make it look smaller than it is, whilst mini-rib style adds a traditional element. Join two together to make a low 3000L tank under windows

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $1056

(Code RH1600)

D W 1325 Dia x 1560 H mm
Made in 2 halves joined and sealed onsite - each will fit through an 800mm doorway. Can be used underground

Fittings Colours: Green Guide price: $900

(Code RD2200)

W T   1420 Dia x 1860 H mm. Inlet ht 1860
Popular and economical mid-sized round tank

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $1067

(Code RC3700)

W T    1650 Dia x 2000 H mm. Inlet ht 2000
Fatter version of the 2500L round tank with 50% greater capacity plus same minirib detailing.

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $1276

(Code RC4500)

W T   1800 Dia x 2000 H mm. Inlet ht 1890
'Full-size' corrugations, but with a chunkier modern profile. No tap - fitted with gate valve at base

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $1309

(Code RD4500)

W T   1850 Dia x 2100 H mm. Inlet ht 1950
Alternative 1000 gallon tank with 'full-size' corrugations as used on sheeting. No tap - fitted with gate valve at base

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $1257

(Code RD4500L)

W T   2420 Dia x 1350 H mm. Inlet ht 1200
Low version of the standard RD4500 tank above, ideal where a standard height tank of around 1800mm is way too high

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $1124

(Code RC5300)

W T    1900 Dia x 2200 H mm
Largest 'urban style' tank with minirib detailing.

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $1518

(Code RC9000)

W T 2350 Dia x 2300 H mm. Inlet ht 2190
'Full-size' corrugations. No tap - fitted with gate valve at base

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $2134

(Code RD9000L)

W T   2950 Dia x 1560 H mm. Inlet ht 1825
Squat version of the standard 9000L RD9000 tank ideal where there's a height restriction

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $2387

(Code RD9500)

W T 2630 Dia x 2160 H mm
Lower and wider version of the 9000L tank ideal where access to the tank site is restricted or the fill height is relatively low

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $2369

(Code RC10000)

W T 2350 Dia x 2640 H mm. Inlet ht 2530
A taller version of the 9000L with extra capacity. No tap - fitted with gate valve at base

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $2541

(Code RD10500)

W T 2400 Dia x 2400 H mm
Modern flat-walled style fitted with hose tap

Fittings 32 colours Guide price: $2913
13000Lto 14000L
W T H 2800-3000 Dia x 2400-2600 H mm
There are several models of medium-large 13kL poly tanks designed for large garden or rural applications.

Fittings Up to 32 colours Guide price: $2739
13000L to 22000L
W T H Up to 3450 Dia x 2400 H mm
Large steel tanks are more common in urban applications these days and can be made to fit the space available

Fittings 5 colours Currently unavailable

Round tank accessories - what is included?

  1. Leaf basket (leaf strainer) generally 380mm or 455mm diameter in the top to trap leaves and debris, with 1mm mosquito-proof mesh (lifts out)
  2. Screw-top lid covers the basket to keep sunlight out of the tank. This restricts the growth of algae and protects the strainer from damage. A hole is drilled through the lid to take the inlet pipe
  3. 90mm overflow is typical, with mosquito-proof mesh. Some small tanks up to 1500L have a 50mm overflow as standard.
  4. Tank drain at base with a 20mm or 25mm screw-in bung
  5. Larger tanks designed for rural use generally have no tap but are fitted with a brass ball or gate valve at the base. These are clearly shown in the descriptions above


  1. Change positions of standard fittings All manufacturers have a standard fitout for each tank. If no changes are specified this is where the overflow, tap and drain will be located, and this may make installation more complex or awkward in your required location. Tanks ordered through WaterCraft can have the position of overflow, tap and drain specified at no extra cost.
  2. Change of overflow size Tanks with a 50mm overflow can generally be specified with a larger 90mm overflow. Size changes Additional outlets of different sizes up to 50mm can be drilled into the tank. Suitable locations depend on the size of outlet and exact model of tank
  3. Change of drain size Drain plug can be increased from 20mm to 25mm if a surface-mount pump is to be connected, or tanks are to be linked together with a balance pipe. Larger diameter outlets are possible but may be installed differently and have a small additional cost
  4. Tank lid There is an advantage in having a lid over the leaf basket. Note that tanks ordered through warehouse outlets are not fitted with a lid, whereas WaterCraft include a lid at no cost
  5. Addition of base level hose connection We can replace the drain plug at the base of the tank with a hose connection. This upgrade adds a 20 or 25mm ball valve with a standard 12mm hose adapter, and allows all the water in the tank to be drawn off.
  6. Additional fittings Additional outlets can be requested, for example two connections at the base of the tank
  7. Outlet size on large tanks Tanks designed more for rural use have a brass flange fitting at the base of up to 50mm diameter and fitted with a ball valve. We will agree the fitting size with you based on your intended use of the tank
  8. Overflow and valve positions on large tanks> Please note that the design of larger corrugated tanks typically only allows the fittings to be placed at 90 degree increments depending on manufacturer

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