Above Ground Tanks

We work on the basis of standard installation prices for most domestic above-ground tanks with the pipe running directly from the gutter into the top, since the amount of work doesn’t vary that much. What you will pay for a fully-installed system will vary depending on:

  • The size and type of tank (see more below).
  • Whether the installation will take longer than normal due to (for example) needing to prepare or level the garden or paving under where it’s to go, or direct the tank overflow to somewhere other than an existing drain at the side of the tank (such as to a new soakwell or underground drain)
  • If filtration is required additional to the leaf basket built-into the top of the tank. We’d recommend a first flush filter if the water’s to be used for drinking or indoors, and an additional leaf catcher above the tank if there’s heavy tree cover

Water pressure from a tank without a pump will vary from poor to none depending on the water level. It’s not essential to have a pump to water the garden, but if you’re on a slope or  want to water hanging baskets then you’ll need one.


Using the tank water inside the home is a much more efficient use of the tank, but a quality pump and plumbing connections will then be needed. Our own licensed plumbers can do this where required.


Tank Pricing

  • Prices of poly tanks are determined to a large degree by the weight of material in the design – it must be strong enough not to deform or split over time. Slimlines or under-eave tanks are typically around twice the price of a round tank of equivalent volume, although for most people the selection is based on the space available. Special shapes tend to cost a little more.
  • Round steel tanks have a similiar cost to poly, although be mindful they need to sit on a level and solid base – ideally a concrete slab. Slimline steel tanks are considerably more than their poly equivalents, but can be made to measure, can be much larger, and look good!


‘Wet’ Systems

Where a tank installed as part of a wet system (where water is brought underground from a number of downpipes) the system cost can only be determined from review of plans or after a site visit. Typically such a system would use a couple of poly tanks or a large steel tank. 

Underground and Bladder Tanks

These are great for not taking up valuable space in the garden and getting the water storage out of sight, but there is an additional cost over and above that of a surface tank.

Some example costs are :

720L round tank installed to supply drinking water From $1000
1500L tank installed for garden irrigation From $1200
3000L slimline tank installed for garden watering with a hose From $1850
5000L round tank with a small pump for irrigation From $1900
3000L tank plumbed into a new home From $3500
2 x 3000L tanks supplying laundry, toilets and hot water system in a retrofit to an existing home From $6000
5000L underground tank plumbed into new home From $7500

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